Top 7 Best (White Noise) Sound Machines for Babies and Adults

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Sleep is the key to health, fitness, and—dare we say it?—happiness. If you’re having trouble relaxing after a long day, recovering after a grueling workout, or just sleeping at night, a sound machine can help. Here are some of the best sound machines for men.

No matter what you do all day long, when it’s all said and done you need to find that quiet space and let the troubles rinse off your back. Whether that place is the gym, on a run, in a yoga class, or just lying in bed with the lights out, blocking out the noise of the world is a necessity for a clear head and a calm focus on what lies ahead tomorrow.

You’ve got to let your body recharge when the day is done—and the only way to do that is rest and relaxation. White noise is scientifically proven to help people relax and/or focus, and a sound machine is the perfect way to achieve that distraction-free tranquility.

What is a Sound Machine and How Does it Work?

Sound machines (or white noise machine) are small devices you usually plug in next to your bed and leave on your nightstand. They come preloaded with sounds including white noise, rain, ocean and more. It’s said that the pre-programmed music can drown out any outside noise (think traffic, conversation, etc.) which is one of the many culprits of restless nights. A 2016 study from the Journal of Caring Sciences even found that individuals who used a sound machine reported a better night’s sleep than those who didn’t. 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a sound machine, you’ll want to think about what sounds are soothing to you and how long it takes you to fall asleep. Aside from having sounds you like, your sound machine should also last pretty long so you’re sure to be in a deep sleep before the sounds stop. Plus, you might want special features like a built-in clock or light.

Below we’ve picked some of the best sound machines out there to help you get a better night’s rest.

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1. Best Overall: GreenBar™ Pro White Noise Machine

  • “The sound envelops you in soothing white noise without getting too loud.”

2. Best for Car Seats: Momcozy™ Elephant Sound Machine

  • “Will soothe your child during long road trips.”

3. Best for Kids and Toddlers: Sleep Aid Sound Machine for Kids

  • “Produces a wide range of toddler-friendly sounds.”

4. Best for Adults Under $50: Classic White Noise Machine

  • Will ease your nighttime routine.”“Its compact design makes it perfect for travel.”

5. Best for Babies: Nature Soothing 2-in-1 Baby Sound Machine

  • “The adjustable night light is perfect for new mothers who need quick access in and out of their baby’s room, and can help them avoid stepping on any toys.”

6. Best Portable: Sleep Sound Machine with Non-looping Soothing Sounds

  • Will ease your nighttime routine.”

7. Best for Snoring: All-in-one Sleep Magic

  • “You’ll be able to find the perfect sound to nix snoring noise.”


GreenBar™ Pro White Noise Machine

  • ➡️ Best value for your money
  • ➡️ Trusted by 176,000+ parents
  • ➡️ The tone and volume are fully adjustable and the compact, unobtrusive design fits on a nightstand, bookshelf, or anywhere else you need peace and quiet.
  • ➡️ Its simple, yet effective, mechanical design means you won’t need to worry about glitches or skips that you might experience with sound machines that have digital bells and whistles.
  • ➡️ This travel-ready sound machine will soothe your child during long road trips or on a short trek to the grocery store.
  • ➡️Creating a soothing environment without noisy distractions can help them drift off to sleep and wake up at a reasonable hour.
  • ➡️Also best for office privacy.

What’s the Best White Noise?

Whether you choose the soothing whoosh of a fan, the soft tinkle of a bubbling stream, or the pleasant wash of a rainstorm, white noise can help flush away life’s distractions and quickly get you in your tranquil zone. From there, it’s up to you: sleep, read, cook, play your guitar, tinker on a project, or watch TV. Whatever it takes to unwind, now you’re in the perfect position to do it.

They’re also great for athletes and athletic recovery. If you’re in training for an event or just dedicated to a fit life, recovery is essential. You can’t get back out there and do it again tomorrow if you’re still feeling blasted from yesterday. A hard fitness regimen requires recovery, and a great night’s sleep is the key. Wind down from a grueling workout and find your inner peace with one of these awesome sound machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sound machine for baby?

There is never a one size fits all choice when it comes to babies. Consider what aspects of a sound machine are the most important for your family. The best selling sound machine is Hatch Baby Rest and it makes sense because it is more than just a sound machine. It doubles as a night light which you can fully operate from your phone and it has a child lock so that the settings cannot be accidentally reset by grabby little hands. There are 11 sound options, various nightlight functions and all can be put on an automatic timer to turn on and shut down. However, this product runs via an outlet only and does not have a battery option. Also, the noise options are limited to the manufacturer’s provided selections and the machine cannot run your own music via its speakers.

Are noise machines good for babies?

Yes, as sleep is vital for a baby’s development and overall health. When a baby is sleeping its immune system is charging, its brain is developing and its overall waking mood improves. Having a baby get a good night’s sleep is also important for the parents health! A noise machine is a great way to create a nurturing sleep environment for a baby to help foster good sleep habits that can last a lifetime. Infants are often distracted by noise which can interfere with them falling asleep naturally. These white noise machines help to drown out outside stimuli which could keep a baby up and instead creates a soothing and comforting environment. It is important to operate a sound machine safely. Do not put the machine directly in the crib as many have small pieces that could create a choking hazard. Also watch the volume of the machine as it is important to keep the sound within safe decibel parameters as babies’ ear drums are very sensitive.

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