Top 5 Best Best Photo Backup Devices 2021

William Adams
William Adams

Updated in June 27, 2021

Are you looking for the best Photo Backup Devices on the web? We have reviewed and tested some of the most popular Photo Backup Devices available right now. Here’s our list of the top ones based on things such as Price, Sturdiness, Ease of Use, Form Factor, and of course Overall Value:

Price: $34.99



"The best in market"

735 Reviews

Price: $49.99



"Very Good"

489 Reviews




244 Reviews



"Not Bad"

102 Reviews



"Not Good"

88 Reviews

Why The PhotoStick is Our Top Choice

When I tried The PhotoStick, it was so fast and easy to back up my computer and phone!

For starters, this storage device works the same way normal USB flash drives work as you can backup and store thousands of photos in a matter of seconds. Not only does this mean all of your photographs will be kept in the same place, but you won’t have to worry about losing everything if you have a hard drive crash. The cool thing is that you can hook it up to multiple different devices, such as a laptop or phone. This means you’ll be able to transfer photos from the devices in just a matter of minutes without having to use any kind of extra software or tools.

The Photostick is also designed to be very fast, sorting and finding files quickly and saving you the trouble of having to find them on your own. ​It is made to store thousands of photos at once, so it works as a great second storage method, clearing up space for you and making free storage space on the computer. If you find that your computer is running out of space, it might be a good solution.

It also offers safe storage, as the Photostick isn’t susceptible to power surges, computer viruses, hackers, and other problems that could affect your computer. Any one of those issues could cause your data to be lost, erasing your computer’s memory and destroying your precious pictures forever. There would be no way to get them back, and that’s why Photo Stick might be a good solution if you worry about these kinds of things.

The photo stick, once purchased, will not add to your bills. There are no monthly cloud storage fees, and all of your files can be backed up without additional cost. This affordability and reliability come with the technological intelligence that allows the Photo Stick to sift through your folders and delete all exact duplicates. The photo stick saves you space within itself while ensuring that not even a byte of data is lost. It remembers everything you backed up and makes sure you do not save the same file twice across platforms.

People are also apprehensive about their meticulous categorization of pictures on their personal devices being messed up while transferring them to a smart storage device. But rest assured that the photo stick saves not just your photos and videos but also keeps your pictures in the same folders as they were on your original device. The photo stick also supports every image file, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, BMP, EPS, PDF, etc.

The photo backup stick comes with a guide on using it, a USB-C and micro-USB adapter, and a USB 3.0 Drive. Make sure that you choose the size of the photo backup stick depending on how many pictures you need to save and their sizes. Purchase your photo backup stick today to begin saving your memories safely and securely in one place.

Best Photo Backup Device 2021

Price: $34.99



"The best in market"

735 Reviews

The Photo Stick takes the age-old idea of a pen drive and combines it with the innovation of a cross-platform storage device. Simply plug in and start saving all your memories in one place with this iconic all-in-one picture saver. This inventive new storage device transfers hundreds of videos and pictures in a millisecond, making it the best photo stick device ever released.