Top 5 Best Foot Peel Masks - Compared & Ranked

Updated: Sep 23rd, 2022

There has been an incredible rise in people taking charge of their self-care and being more mindful of how they spend their downtime. My self-care regimen typically comprises a good skincare routine, enough shut-eye, and a good foot peel mask. I started using foot peels a couple of years ago, and the results have been awesome. Simply put, the right foot peeling masks will work a lot of nearly unbelievable magic on your feet. 

When it’s that time of the year that your boots, sneakers, and socks come off, your feet need to be nothing less than sandal-ready. As someone who has dealt with calluses and dry skin, I know how they can leave your feet looking wrinkly and weathered. Foot peels work great, but only when you use the right ones. The right ones can be hard to find. To save you the overwhelming search through the many foot peeling masks in the market, I tested dozens of them. Here are the top 5 foot peel masks that I tried and further details on the best of them all!

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Why Melzu Foot Peel Mask is My #1 Pick

I have always had dry and occasionally rough feet. Like everyone else, I thought it was enough to just slap on some lotion or moisturizer and go about my day. Too many people focus all their self-care and maintenance attention on their faces and bodies. But they forget one of the body parts they use the most: their feet. 

Your feet make contact with a lot of harsh surfaces, even when you have footwear on. They carry you everywhere and stay cooped up in shoes for long periods. Your feet need a lot more TLC than you know. 

I started actively using foot peels only a few years ago, and I have had my fair share of the many options in the market. While on my quest for one that I could use and even recommend, I stumbled on the Melzu foot peel mask. Soon after I started using the Melzu foot peel, I instantly knew that this one was not like any other foot peel I had tried. The change was drastic as the rough, dead skin of my soles started to come off. 

A few days after I used the foot peel, the peeling finally stopped. The results were unbelievable! My feet had never been so incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. I also noticed that the foot peel mask got rid of the skin discoloration around my feet. 

This foot peel is now a staple in my self-care routine, and I can’t wait for you to fall in love with it, too! Here are all the details of my results after a few weeks of usage.

Super Quick Formula for Faster Results

This foot peel comes with an incredible blend of 17 chemical exfoliants and natural ingredients that loosen the bonds of dead skin and add moisture to your dry feet. In as little as 2 weeks, my feet had a complete transformation. They went from rough, dry, and calloused feet to the most supple they have ever been!

Eliminates Dryness and Gives Soft, Supple Skin

The Melzu foot peel mask contains a blend of natural ingredients, including watercress, camel grass, chamomile, and lots more. Some of the ingredients are very hydrating and contribute to eliminating the dryness of your feet. 

Sloughs Off Dead Skin and Prevents Skin Discoloration

This foot peel has active exfoliating ingredients – lactic acid and glycolic acid. These are natural exfoliants that help to peel off the layers of dead skin to reveal smoother, healthier, and much softer skin. The exfoliants also helped me to resolve my pigmentation and skin discoloration. 

Treats Calluses

Calluses are thickened skin that appears irregularly on the soles, leaving your feet looking unattractive. They may also be painful or sensitive to touch. The Melzu foot peel mask removed the calluses on my soles and evened out the skin surface.

Easy to Use

The Melzu foot peel mask is pretty easy to use. I just cut open the package and slip the mask on my feet, then kick back and relax. Sometimes, I would press down the mask on my ankles and wear socks over it if I needed to move around the house. 

An hour after using the mask, I take it off, rub in any remaining gel, and rinse my feet. The Melzu foot peel mask works perfectly if you cannot find the time or simply don’t want to go to the salon for a pedicure.


With the Melzu foot peel mask, you get incredible value for every cent you spend. Despite being super affordable already, Melzu is currently running a mouthwatering 50% discount promo on their foot peel masks. What are you waiting for? Go get your ticket to beautiful feet!