Top 5 Best Hand Massagers in 2021

Jackson Warren

Jackson Warren

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It is quite surprising to imagine how much torment our hands have to endure every day without noticing. As a result, the hands, wrists, and forearms can sustain repetitive injuries like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neuropathy. Massaging the hands has many well-documented benefits in such cases, and massage aids in alleviating the pressure points, pain, and swelling that might result from arthritis and carpal tunnel. Massage is mostly a non-invasive treatment method for pain relief, and it’s relatively safe since it doesn’t require harmful pain medications with side effects. Studies have shown that professional hand massage once a week significantly reduces finger soreness, pain, and numbness.

A great substitute for professional hand massage is an electrical hand massager machine. It allows you to get almost the same experience as a professional service in the comfort of your home or office and without compromising your schedule. These gadgets are rather easy to operate and portable in nature. Since the market is flooded with hand massagers of different prices and qualities, it can be quite confusing sometimes to choose the device that actually works for your conditions. We will discuss some options to guide you in this endeavor.

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What to Look for in an Electric Hand Massager?

We’ve done the research and found that the most effective and highly rated hand massagers include these elements:

A Heat Feature
Heat increases blood flow and reduces stiffness in the connective tissues in your joints. This can help relieve pain, inflammation, and water retention, giving you better comfort and range of motion in your hands. Because there are so many joints in your hands and fingers, a heat feature is a must-have for a good electric hand massager.

If you’ve ever heard of an air compression leg massager, hand massagers can work in a similar way by squeezing your hands. This gives you an instant boost in blood circulation and helps relieve fatigue, pain, and inflammation.

Many hand massagers contain air pressure bags that inflate and deflate to create this effect. Some have larger airbags that make it feel like your entire hand is being squeezed, while others have smaller bags that can create a kneading effect when they inflate and deflate in succession.


If your hands feel heavy, tired, and strained after working hard all day, vibration can help restore their energy and get them feeling light again. Having a vibration feature on your hand massager gives you an instant boost, so you don’t have to wait for the massager to heat up. Vibration can help loosen tight, taut muscles in your hands in a pain-free, relaxing way.

Long Battery Life

Electric hand massagers typically include rechargeable batteries, which allow you to take them anywhere and use them any time. Look for a device that guarantees a decent length of battery life before it needs to be recharged so that it’s able to power on for you when you need it.


Electric hand massagers are designed for people with a wide range of different symptoms and ailments involving their fingers, hands, and arms.

With all the different things hand massagers can do, it’s important to have one that lets you customize the experience and tailor the massage to your needs. Look for one that has different intensity level settings and different massage modes.

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