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The Coronavirus has changed much of what we know and how we organize our daily lives — from keeping personal protection supplies on hand, to keeping medical instruments like pulse oximeters (pulse checkers) and touchless thermometers in our homes. With individuals and organizations alike seeking these devices to help protect themselves and those they work with, we’ve found some of the best pulse oximeter to share with you.

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Blaux Oxi Level Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • ➡️ Fast And Easy Usage
  • ➡️ Backed By Clinical Studies
  • ➡️ Super Accurate Readings
  • ➡️ Easily measure the oxygen levels in your blood, without needles
  • ➡️ As an early warning signal for pneumonia and respiratory disease
  • ➡️ Take multiple readings per day and give yourself peace of mind

Why Is Blaux Oxi Level the Winner?

The Blaux Oxi Level oximeter may not be the cheapest, but it is certainly one of the most stylish and accurate oximeters available on the market. Clinically validated and FDA approved, it measures the blood oxygen level, pulse rate, and perfusion index. SpO2 is in a range of +/- 2%, which is lower than the 3% variability range criteria defined by the FDA.

The reading is displayed both on the stylish and easy to read LED display. The built-in memory allows storage of more than 100 readings.

The accuracy of Blaux Oxi Level’s readings is ensured by the use of plethysmography and measure of the perfusion index. The plethysmography will analyze the amount of blood in the vessels, and the perfusion will detect the strength of the pulse. When both the pulse and blood flow are optimal, meaning that the finger is appropriately positioned, the reading will be taken.

What is Oximeter?

One such essential medical device is pulse oximeter. It is a device that helps you measure the oxygen level in your blood or the oxygen saturation level. It is a non-invasive device that can instantly detect even slight changes in your oxygen level in your body.

In terms of design, an oximeter is clip-like medical equipment that attaches to a pointed body part like fingers or toes in terms of design. Most commonly, the oximeter is put on a finger and small in size, making it easy to carry and maintain.

How do pulse oximeters work?

Using Infrared LEDs, oximeters will quantity the oxygen saturation levels in the arterial blood. Levels between 95-100% are considered normal. Under 90% will fall in the hypoxia territory, and medical attention will be needed.

Recently, doctors have debated on the benefits of home oxygen saturation measurements to diagnose COVID-19. Recently, Richard Levitan, MD wrote an op-ed in The New York Times stating that “Widespread pulse oximetry screening for COVID pneumonia—whether people check themselves on home devices or go to clinics or doctors’ offices—could provide an early warning system for the kinds of breathing problems associated with COVID pneumonia.”

The debate is still open on the benefits of at-home oxygen saturation (spo2) level analysis. Pulse oximeters are not only useful to diagnose COVID-19, but they offer a way to quickly check on various medical conditions such as sleep apnea, pneumonia, or heart diseases. Easy to use and reasonably priced, dedicated medical-grade finger pulse oximeters will usually provide more accurate readings than smartwatches.

In the world of holistic health we live in; healthcare should be proactive and not only reactive. Monitoring your blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart rate should be part of anybody’s health routine and not only restricted to medical professionals.

Common Pulse Oximeter Uses

In cases of Asthma, oximeters can determine if a person needs assistance in breathing.
To monitor if a ventilator is effectively working on improving the patient’s oxygen or not.
For lung patients, it can determine if a new medication is functioning.
Many surgical procedures require the patient to be sedated. In such cases, an oximeter is used to monitor the oxygen level.
Athletes and sportsperson use it to evaluate their oxygen capacity with increased physical activity.
While trying a new oxygen therapy treatment.
In cases of sleep apnea, a pulse oximeter is used to evaluate if a patient stops breathing momentarily while asleep.

How to choose a pulse oximeter?

Accuracy is, of course, the key point before choosing a device. FDA approved devices have been tested and approved to deliver accurate results. We selected three of the best oximeters available on the market. The Blaux Pulse Oximeter is our favorite for its accuracy and price. The Wellue O2 ring is more of a high-tech sleep tracker to detect sleep apnea and the Zacurate Pro 500DL comes at a hard-to-beat price.

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