Top 3 Best White Noise Machines for Babies and Adults

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Sleep is the key to health, fitness, and—dare we say it?—happiness. If you’re having trouble relaxing after a long day, recovering after a grueling workout, or just sleeping at night, a sound machine can help. Here are some of the best sound machines for men.

No matter what you do all day long, when it’s all said and done you need to find that quiet space and let the troubles rinse off your back. Whether that place is the gym, on a run, in a yoga class, or just lying in bed with the lights out, blocking out the noise of the world is a necessity for a clear head and a calm focus on what lies ahead tomorrow.

You’ve got to let your body recharge when the day is done—and the only way to do that is rest and relaxation. White noise is scientifically proven to help people relax and/or focus, and a sound machine is the perfect way to achieve that distraction-free tranquility.

What is a Sound Machine and How Does it Work?

Sound machines (or white noise machine) are small devices you usually plug in next to your bed and leave on your nightstand. They come preloaded with sounds including white noise, rain, ocean and more. It’s said that the pre-programmed music can drown out any outside noise (think traffic, conversation, etc.) which is one of the many culprits of restless nights. A 2016 study from the Journal of Caring Sciences even found that individuals who used a sound machine reported a better night’s sleep than those who didn’t. 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a sound machine, you’ll want to think about what sounds are soothing to you and how long it takes you to fall asleep. Aside from having sounds you like, your sound machine should also last pretty long so you’re sure to be in a deep sleep before the sounds stop. Plus, you might want special features like a built-in clock or light.

Below we’ve picked some of the best sound machines out there to help you get a better night’s rest.


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