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August 2022


Written By Russel Martin | Body Winning

Curiosity and love for Gadgets made us test this, and we were Amazed by the Results!

So, as you know, we have this itch to test and review the hottest selling gadgets, the ones that are the most talked about and desired.

As a gadgets writer and researcher in the medical field, it is my obligation to try it out and give an honest assessment.

It’s a topic that interests me and I’m curious about how to reduce neck and back discomfort – I’ve had these aches and pains for years.

In general, we all think all neck massagers are the same and don’t reflect again before buying one and end up buying something that does not soothe your pain out so, to be sure, you must read more about the brand and understand what does it offer?

So, you know, when you are going through the same stuff, you tend to understand more what to look for in a product, so when I got to review it, I knew in an instant what should be my checklist to review it.

“The neck or cervical spine is a coordinated network of nerves, bones, joints, and muscles. It has the important job of providing support and mobility for the head, but sometimes it can become painful. This pain is most commonly because of Strained muscles.”

We know we need to check if this has all of the features that can help to relieve Muscle Soreness; this time, we aren’t chasing an object blindly; we know what we need!

I was excited to receive the package, and when I opened it, I was immediately impressed with what I saw!

Soothely is the polar opposite of some of the similar neck massagers in this price range, which appear to be basic or cheap.

I could tell they’d put a lot of attention into the design because it was compact, attractive, and packed with functions; this raised my expectations, and I found myself hoping it turned out as well as it looked

So the testing and tinkering began. I tried to not have too high of expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw and observed.

The first thought that comes to mind was, “Thank heavens I finally found something effective!

Soothely had checked all the right boxes so far, but the real test was how effective it was at relieving neck and back pain.

The Real Test, "Effectiveness"- Is Soothely Good at Eliminating Neck & Back Pain?

After reviewing all of the specs for the Soothely Neck Massager, I discovered that Soothely integrates some of the most recent advances in muscle therapy in 2020.

Only Soothely, unlike other neck massagers on the market, actually utilises proprietary ultrasonic vibration technology.

Recent studies have shown that if used regularly, this can  be up to 5X more effective in treating pain and supporting muscle healing

“Don’t confuse this with a regular neck massager.Soothely’s signature technology makes it a cutting-edge pain relief therapy that also provides a slow cure.”

Spa treatments and professional massage therapists may appear to be soothing and relaxing, but they take a long time and are expensive.

Trying to fit appointments in can take a lot of time away from your hectic work and social life.

Soothely can help you relieve pain while also saving you time!

You don’t want just any neck massager; you want the best neck massager available and the Soothely neck massager meets all of the requirements!

Once you start using it, you will be able to sleep through the night while melting any tension or pain in your shoulders and lower neck.

You can now unwind at home without any pain or stress thanks to Soothely.

How a Neck Massager Benefits You in a Promising Way

According to reports, more than 83 percent of people suffer from muscle pain or tension headaches caused by muscle tightness in their lower neck and shoulders.

This pain and tension can bother you at times, and it can sometimes lead to disrupted sleep patterns, bad moods, and increased anxiety levels.

According to a researched studies, massaging the neck muscles can relieve all of this tension, allowing your body posture to relax and return to normal.

Soothely Neck Massager is the best option to help alleviate your neck and shoulder pain and making your life easier.

Other neck massagers work well too, but they are commonly bulky, aesthetically unappealing, and expensive!

Soothely is a small and unobtrusive device which can be used almost anywhere.

Soothely not only provides an excellent massage, but it also gently heats to relax your tense muscles and make you feel relieved.

How to Use the Neck Massager to Get the Best Results

The best neck massagers are simple to use and well-designed, and the Soothely neck massager fits neatly in a box.

All you have to do to get it started is give it a quick charge, and you’re good to go!

After you’ve charged your neck massager, all you have to do is wrap it around your neck and determine the right setting for you.

The best neck massagers will commonly have multiple settings for massage type, strength, and temperature, so it is recommended that you become acquainted with all of these settings in order to make them personalised and appropriate for you.

So, in my personal experience, the aches and pains in my neck vanished within five minutes of using Soothley.


The fact that Soothely is intended to do more than just relieve neck pain; it is also intended to improve posture over time.

Absolute pain relief, total relaxation, vastly improved posture, and the knowledge that you are healing every day – all from a single device!

I never imagined myself saying this, but it is simply “Amazing.”

Don’t just sit there; go for it; why live another day with this excruciating Neck Pain?

Here Are The Specifics!

  1. ADVANCED ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY – Soothely incorporates new ultrasonic muscle therapy technology that is at least 5X more effective than any other product on the market at reducing neck and back pain.
  2. RAPIDLY RELIEVES NECK AND BACK PAIN –It’s ideal for those who have stiffness, aches, or pains in their neck or back. Within seconds, it starts reducing pain, smoothing out stiff knots and creases, and promoting muscle healing.
  3. IMPROVES POSTURE – The Soothely neck massager employs the most recent advances in posture alignment therapy to target the underlying cause of poor posture, resulting in a noticeable improvement in just ten days.
  4. SUPER-SIMPLE TO USE –Simply charge it via USB, turn it on, and select your preferred mode. Soothely’s multiple optimised modes begin instantly relieving pain and promoting recovery.
  5. STYLISH AND ULTRAPORTABLE – With premium, minimalist styling and a well-built design, this device looks fantastic. It’s also light enough to take with you wherever you go, whether at home or on the road.
  6. AMAZING VALUE – Soothely will make you so happy that you’ll want to order two or three for different rooms or to give to friends and family members who suffer from neck and back pain or poor posture. And at such a low cost, you’ll be able to afford them easily.
  7. CAST-IRON MONEY GUARANTEE – If for any reason you think Soothely isn’t for you, send it back within 30 days and get a full refund, no questions asked.

The Only Downside To Soothely Neck Massager?

The only downside is that you can not find one quickly; they sell like hotcakes and what we suggest is just book yours before the year’s initial benefits are removed. Go, claim your now, and stop compromising everything; we all deserve to live better and pain-free!!

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