Top 3 Best Neck Massagers for Pain & Stress Relief

Jackson Warren

Jackson Warren

Jackson Warren is our expert product reviewer & editor at Body Winning. When he's not in the gym, he's probably binge-watching Netflix together with his lovely wife and his cat Minka.

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At the end of a long day of work, exercise, or daily activities, your neck can often feel pretty sore.

You know that feeling: with the knots in your shoulders, the tension along your spine, and the stiffness on the side of your neck.

And nothing is quite as wonderful as a neck massage to work out the kinks!

Neck massages can help to loosen the knots, release the tension in your muscles, and prevent neck pain from causing headaches or tightness in your shoulders and back.

Don’t have the time for a proper massage, and don’t have anyone willing to give you a massage at home?

Try a neck massager!

A good neck and shoulder massager will loosen everything up for you, and you’ll feel like a million bucks after just a few minutes.

Below, we’ve done the hard work of finding the best neck massager for you.

We combed through hundreds of products and read thousands of reviews to make sure you get only the massagers that will work to keep your neck happy and knot-free!

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Why You Need a Neck Massager?

The neck massagers are useful and helpful for people with knots in the muscles and soreness. Let’s talk about some more benefits of the neck massager.

It relieves the tension of the upper back area easily. The neck massager is one of the best things to reduce the stress from the upper part of the body, which is a stressed and tense region.

When you are sitting in front of the computer or sitting in a car or a chair, your back will have a terrible posture. But the neck massager will help you out.

It will also help in a better sleep routine. When your muscles are fully relaxed, you will eventually feel better, and you can sleep properly without any pains and aches.

It also increases the blood circulation in your muscles and your neck. With better blood flow, your body and your brain can have more Oxygen, and your muscles will eventually get better and revitalized with these nutrients.

The neck massager will also help in reducing neck pain and also in reducing headaches. Both of these are the result of increased tension and soreness in the back area of your body.

It will increase flexibility and mobility in your shoulders. People who suffer from a frozen shoulder can use the neck massager to resolve this severe issue and relieve the pain.

Neck massages are not just for relaxation purposes, they have psychological and physical benefits as well.

What to Look for In a Electric Pulse Neck Massager?

  • Portability: The ease of carrying is a very important factor when it comes to massage adaptability.  Portable units enable you to use it everywhere and at any time. It also makes it easier to move it from one body part to another.
  • Massage Nodes: Massage pillows that have more massage nodes will have better chances of massaging larger parts of the body for example legs, hips, and back. Consequently, massagers that have fewer massage nodes but they are evenly distributed can also do a good job to massage the narrow surfaces of the neck from multiple angles.
  • Weight: The weight of the neck massager is also significant for versatility. Portable and lightweight neck massager will make it simple to move it where you need and also keep it in place until the massage process is over.
  • Heating: Most neck massagers come with a heating feature. This help to massage fatigued muscles around the neck areas and make them feel relaxed. So neck massager with heat is on high in demand.

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